Taking Charge of Tough Talks: Tools for Success

Sep 12, 2023

Are you shying away from initiating those tough conversations? This episode is filled with practical wisdom and guidance that will empower you to start tough conversations with anyone. Hosts Patrice Brymner and Jen Hawthorne dive into the nuances of understanding your own motives and goals, identifying the right people to participate in the conversation, and whether you might want to consider professional assistance . Sometimes, it’s not just about finding a resolution, but creating a healthier environment for future communication.

Jen and Patrice also delve into the art of effective problem-solving conversations, emphasizing the power of using “I” statements, validating the other person’s viewpoint, and setting the stage for a solution-oriented dialogue. It’s crucial to acknowledge the value of timing, preparation, and the humility to accept a ‘no’ answer. In the end, Patrice and Jen want to help you create a space of peaceful communication and coexistence. They share insightful tips on ensuring that your conversations are productive, solely focused on creating solutions, and most importantly, help improve your relationships and daily encounters.

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