Divorce Mediation
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How Mediation Works

In Divorce Mediation, Patrice works with spouses as a neutral mediator in a series of private sessions. With Patrice’s guidance, spouses identify issues, gather information needed to make informed decisions, and work to develop mutually agreeable solutions. Mediation can be a very good path to a more peaceful resolution of issues, and a mutually created and practical plan for moving forward into post-divorce lives.

The Process

Early Divorce Mediation sessions might address things like a family’s immediate concerns, or the identification of long-term individual and shared needs, or the creation of a plan to gather needed information. Later sessions will review what might be needed in a Separation Agreement in order to satisfy the court at the end of the process.

The Role of the Mediator

Throughout the entire Divorce Mediation process, Patrice’s goal as Mediator is to foster dignity and support both spouses in being heard on all subjects. Most sessions will be with both spouses present, but it sometimes makes sense to meet individually. And although not necessary in most cases, the spouses’ attorneys can attend sessions if it would be helpful.

Although Patrice is an attorney, in her role as neutral mediator, she cannot provide legal advice to either participant as individuals. Rather, she can provide information about the laws and a range of acceptable options on a given topic.

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