Collaborative Divorce

The Collaborative Divorce Process

In Collaborative Divorce, the spouses are individually represented by specially trained collaborative attorneys, while also being supported by a Coach/Facilitator (usually a mental health professional). Collaborative Divorce is a private, flexible process, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a given family. The result can be a more peaceful resolution of past issues, and a mutually crafted road map for moving forward into post-divorce lives.

The Professional Team

The Professional Team, consisting of the two attorneys and the Coach/Facilitator, work together to help the spouses prepare for a series of Collaborative meetings. In those meetings, led by the Coach/Facilitator, the spouses create plans for issues like co-parenting, possible ongoing financial support, the division of assets and debts, and any other topics relevant to their divorce. Sometimes other neutral professionals are used, such as financial specialists or child specialists.

Patrice’s Role as Collaborative Divorce Attorney

An experienced Collaborative Divorce Attorney, Patrice provides tailored legal advice and information to individuals in this process. She works with her clients to develop their goals, explore options, and prepare for Collaborative meetings. She also works together with the other spouse’s attorney to coordinate the gathering and sharing of information needed by the spouses to make decisions. Patrice and the other Collaborative Divorce Attorney also work together to create the couple’s Separation Agreement, making sure that all provisions in the document reflect the agreements of both spouses.

Patrice represented me in a collaborative divorce. I couldn’t have asked for a better advocate. She approaches divorce as a problem to be solved, rather than a game to be won or lost. She was constantly checking to see what I (the client) wanted, making no assumptions. I came out feeling confident and well-served.

— Sarah M.

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