Mending Fences is a podcast about dispute resolution and effective ways to communicate and live across differences. Hosts Patrice Brymner and Jennifer Hawthorne are both family mediators and collaborative law attorneys, but their conversations go well beyond family law. They explore the personal, interpersonal, legal, and cultural impact of conflict.

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GUEST: Maria Natapov on the Dynamics of Step-Parenting

Join us as we journey through the delicate web of step-parenting with our guest, step-parenting coach Maria Natapov. What does it truly mean to be a step-parent and how can you navigate this dynamic, emotion-filled terrain? Maria sheds light on these questions and...

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Taking Charge of Tough Talks: Tools for Success

Are you shying away from initiating those tough conversations? This episode is filled with practical wisdom and guidance that will empower you to start tough conversations with anyone. Hosts Patrice Brymner and Jen Hawthorne dive into the nuances of understanding your...

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GUEST: Allyson Clemmons, LICSW, on Discernment Counseling

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Allyson Clemmons joins Jen and Patrice to discuss discernment counselling, a way for couples considering divorce to gain clarity about the direction of their marriage. In this approach, couples engage in a limited number of individual...

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When Can I Start Dating?

For some folks, "moving on after a divorce" might happen before the process ends.  Patrice and Jen discuss the legal and practical considerations of moving forward. Will it impact the divorce process? How should you talk to your kids about this?...

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How Mediation Works

Jen and Patrice explain how mediation works, and discuss how they see their roles as neutral in this process. Listen Now

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Who We Are

Patrice Brymner and Jennifer Hawthorne, both mediators and Collaborative Law attorneys, talk a bit about who they are, what they do, and how this podcast came to be.  Listen Now

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